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Liberty Global

How we
did it

A truly universal TV viewing experience for a new generation. Special thanks to for asking me on the project. We are designing the TV and app interface for all Horizon projects.

I joined the project after the initial setup. A working product just launched in Switzerland and the Netherlands. I mainly work on the UX/ UI side of improvements and additions to the product. We are implementing the Google Design Sprint method with the focus on user testing.

In the meantime I complete the Design Language System and update & maintain the Design Library for all designers.


  • Ideation
  • Running design sprints
  • Journey maps
  • Setting up and running bi-weekly user tests
  • UX design
  • Service design
  • Creating design language system
  • Maintaining design library
  • Stakeholder management

design sprints & user testing

Design Sprint - Crazy 8’s
Sketching 8 ideas in 10 minutes

How Might We
A positive way to come up with improvements

With another external employee we've started to run design sprints. As happens in many companies we do this with a twist. Not the complete sprint from A-Z but we cherry picked a few methods do determine te biggest pain-points in the current product. With the product owners we decide which problems to solve first.

One of the methods used is crazy 8's. With team members from all disciplines, we sketched eight ideas and then voted on the best ideas where we elaborate further on. With this technique, we try to come up with a good solution for any problem. We design and build a prototype within a few days. After that, we test that prototype or design with ‘real’ users in our own 'living room test lab' at the Liberty Global HQ.

Test lab
Qualitative research

We brought in users to test our designs from Framer prototypes. The results continue to amaze. We made iterations based on the findings to design a better solution before going into development.