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“HEMA maakt het dagelijkse leven van mensen al meer dan 90 jaar leuker en makkelijker”. HEMA is all about making life easier for people around the world. Next to all the Benelux sores they even opened a store in Dubai in 2018.

How we
did it

For HEMA I've been improving their e-commerce process lead by user testing. On a daily base, we run AB-tests and every month we run some kind of quantitative test as well. For over one and a half year, I assisted HEMA in solving the challenges their customers face. What resulted in a significant uplift last year and in 2019 we already had some good success. Along the way, I've got involved in other project’s whit-in the HEMA company. We just matched on our (personal) values and so we have a fun and fruitful collaboration.

I'm very proud of my part in revamping the online design presence. Building on an already strong brand identity together we found room for improvements on the visual part, mobile experience and the at least so important user flow. In 2019 HEMA aim's for even bigger growth with impactful changes. I will continue to be involved in this project. The success we had with such a small team made HEMA see the potential we have in our hands. So earlier this year they partnered up with a big conversion optimization company. I wish them great success. This year you'll probably recognize the Zolderkamer touch whit-in the renewed HEMA e-commerce platform.


  • User research
  • Ideation
  • Running A/B test
  • Setting up & conducting qualitative user tests
  • Visual design
  • Maintaining design library
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Testing &

Drag image left/ right to see variant A/B

Example 01: A/B Test product detail page
We’ve tested a slim version of the product detail page. You can see that the full screen is utilised to be able to add products to the cart without scrolling.

Drag image left/ right to see variant A/B

Example 02: A/B Test total discount
We’ve tested a universal way of displaying discounts around the website.